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14 x 3 Chrome no name air cleaner Ass.
Not in stock
Similar to The Edelbrock Air Cleaner but without the embossed logo of the Edelbrock
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14 x 3 Chrome Edelbrock air cleaner Ass.
Suits Carburettors with 5 1/8 " aperture.
For example :
Requires mounting stud & hold down nut
Nice quality chrome plate as you would expect from Edelbrock and supplied with disposable folded paper air filter element.

For improved engine breathing and a "buy it once"......
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14 x 2 Mr Gasket Chrome Air cleaner Assembly
Low Rider Set - the narrowest 14" air cleaner assembly used where under bonnet clearance is a problem -
The lower air filter pan on this unit is deepy dished to fit 5 & 1/8" neck carbs and when mounted stands no higher than 2" above the carb to air cleaner mounting face. Air cleaner (paper) is a h......
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Tri-Chrome Air Cleaner Assembly
Not in stock
Triangular chrome Air Cleaner Assembly to suit 5 & 1/8" Carb neck ie Holley/Edelbrock/Carter
Comes complete with Pre-Oiled Gauze reusable Air Cleaner Element
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Elite series Cast alloy Air Cleaner Assembly
Not in stock
Complete with filter 14 x 3" to suit most Holley & Edelbrock carbs.
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14 x 3" air cleaner elements
14 X 3 " Disposable Air Cleaner Element
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Air Filter Spacer to suit Holley/Edelbrock
Carb to air cleaner spacer - Allows Aircleaner to be mounted without fouling electric choke
0.5 & 1.0" Spacers available
Please specify when ordering
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Cobra Oval Air Cleaner
Not in stock
Oval Air Cleaner Assembly to suit single Holley or Edlbrock Carburetor. with 5 1/8" carb Neck.

The overall height of this unit is 2 1/2" High and features Embosed "Cobra" logo on the top face. Cast aluminium with steel base plate and includes 1" carb to air cleaner spacer.

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Mr G 14 x 2.25" Air Cleaner Element
Replacement for your blocked air cleaner
Can also be used with Edelbrock 14 x 3 to give a super low profile air cleaner assembly
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Air Cleaner Wing Nut
Not in stock
Chrome Wing Nut to suit Edelbrock or Holley Carbs
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Foam Re-usable Air cleaner TVR Chimera/Griffith
Not in stock
Sock type Air Cleaner made by Pipercross. Preoiled so ready to use complete with mounting jubilee clip.

To suit air flow meters or vehicles with air induction trunking 78-80mm.
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10 x 2.5" Narrow neck 2 5/8 or 3 1/16" Air Cleaner to suit 2.5 or 3.0" Neck Carbs
Not in stock
Chrome 10" Air Cleaner Assembly supplied with element and chrome top plate.

These air cleaners are supplied with a reducer to allow fitting carbs with either a 2 5/8" or 3 1/16" Neck.

Supplied with air filter hold down studing and wing nut**

**(Wing nut shown is not represen......
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Range Rover P38 1995 - 1998 Air Filter
AIR Filter Element (Cooper's) to suit the following :

RANGE ROVER 95-02 2.5 BMW Diesel 1995 - 1996
RANGE ROVER 95 - 1998 > WA385948
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Rover SD1 3500 Air Filter
To Suit Rover SD1 3500 V8 with OVAL air box.

Price is per pair
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Rover V8 Vitesse & VP Efi Air Cleaner
Not in stock
Rover Vitesse 1982 - 1986 Air Cleaner
Folded Paper Type
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Range Rover P38 Pollen Filter Kit
Pair of Pollen filters for Range Rover P38
4.0,4.6 and 2.5 TD

Often overlooked at service time, these easy to change filters prevent ingress of dust and help to prevent interior misting.

Failure to change these can result in burnt out or heat damaged relays and worse ... damges blend motors.......
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Range Rover p38 Pollen Filters
Replacement Pollen Filters ( pair)
Aftermarket Brand
Easy to replace nad helps to prevent burnt out or heat damged relays and damage to the awkward and costly to repair blend motors
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