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NEW Tremec FORD T5 World Class 5 speed.
Full Synchromesh on all forward gears 5 speed helical gears.

Ratios - 2.95,1.94,1.34,1.00,0.63.
Input Shaft - 1 1/16 x 10 Spline
Output shaft 28 tooth
Rated @ 330 ft/Lbs this unit will cope with the larger capacity Rover V8 engines.
Distance from front face of gearbox to leve is approx. 50cm.......
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Tremec TKO 5 Speed
Uprated version of the popular TR-3550 will accept
460 ft lbs torque.
Input shaft 1 1/8" x 26 sline
Output shaft 31 spline

Suit Ford, Chevy or High Output Rover
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T5 Rear Mtg. Yoke
Ford T5 28 spline propshaft yoke.

Geqarbox to Propshaft Yoke
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Ford T5 Speedo Drive Kit
Gear Clip + Bolt
Gearbox to speedo Drive Gear 18tooth
Speedo cable adapter

(Drive gear, clip, not shown)

Image shows adapter and securign bracket with bolt)
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Tremec T5 Output Shaft Yoke
Output Shaft Sliding Yoke
27 Spline
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Tremec T5 Ford Output Shaft Yoke
Ford T5 Output Shaft Sliding Yoke
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Range Rover 5 Speed LT77 Master Rebuild Kit
Complete rebuild kit including gaskets,synchro rings and oil seals and quality bearings. ( eg TIMKEN or Similar)

Please give gearbox number when ordering:
Suffix A,B,C,D,E,F,G
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GM Powerglide Transmission Slip Yoke
GB Powerglide (Early) slip Yoke.
1.1720" Diameter
16 Spline

Required when installing a GM Trans to mate up with your diff/axle.
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Tremec T5 TVR Tail housing extension kit. Cobra replicas etc
Tailhousing extension kit for moving the gearlever further back when using a TVR Chim/Griff/Tuscan Gearbox.

The orginal shifter position of the TVR box is approx 30 cm from the front face of the gearbox to the shifter centre line.

This means the lever exits somwhere under the dash or in a pos......
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Rover V8 T5 Gearbox Conversion (competition)
Rover V8 Engine tremec T5 Gearbox Conversion.

Kit Includes :

New Ford World Class 5 Speed Gearbox
Custom Made Cast Alloy Heat Treated Bellhousing
Chrome Moly Super Light Flywheel (<6.85kg)
9.5" ( AP racing/Helix ) 350 BHP Clutch Assembly
ARP Flywheel to Crank Bolts
Clutch to Flywheel HD ......
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Rover V8 TVR V8 LT 77 Gearbox Rebuild Kit
Gearbox Rebuild Kit suitable for LT77 5 Speed
Kit Includes :

The kit includes

1x Input Shaft Bearing ,
1x Main Shaft Front Bearing,
1x Main Shaft Rear Bearing ,
2x Lay Gear Bearings ,
1x Main Shaft Extension Bearing ,
1x Gearbox Oil Seal Set,
1x Gearbox Gasket Set
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Fully Reconditioned Borg Warner T5 Gearbox with Bellhousing MGB V8 Conversion (SOLD)
Rover V8 T5 Gearbox Conversion

Rover V8 Engine BW T5 Gearbox Conversion.
Not to be confused with a simple strip and rebuild but includes this lot

Includes :
Fully Reconditioned BW T5 5 Speed Gearbox
Full set of New TIMKEN Bearings throughout,
New Synchro Rings,
New Layshaft Assembly ......
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TVR Tremec T5 Gearbox Gear set
Brand New TVR T5 Gearset (as pictured)
Removed from new Gearboxes
5th Gear Not included.

Also suitable for GM and Ford T5 Gearboxes

Limited availability
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Rover V8 Tremec T5 Gearbox Conversions (Lower Rated Clutch Version ) For customers with STD Flywheels> )
Rover V8 Engine tremec T5 Gearbox Conversion.

Kit Includes :

New Ford World Class 5 Speed Gearbox
> 330ftlbs & 350 BHP
Custom Machined Bellhousing
9.5" Clutch Cover > 240 BHP (3.5 - 4.0 L)
AP Racing Organic Sintered Centre Plate > 400 BHP
Motorsport Competition
Mechanical Speedo Driv......
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Quaife Race Use Only Tremec T5 Gearbox (SOLD)
Converted to Heavy Duty Quaife Gearset less than 300 mls ago at a cost of just under 1800.00 - This gearbox also has uprated selector forks and the larger HD bearing support tube flange.

STD Cosworth TVR Output yoke pattern with 1" x 23 Spline Input Shaft. The Quaife Gearkit is the wide ratio ve......
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