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****Rover V8 Edelbrock Carb Kit - Now with New AVS 2 Carb ***

Versatile Carb Kit suitable for Rover V8 engines.

Rover P6
Rover SD1
TVR 350
Morgan + 8 ( carb) for Efi see note.
Land Rover Defender, 110 Carb, (for efi see note)
Range Rover Classic 3.5, 3.9, 4.2, 4.6 ( non Serp)
MGB V8 **
Triumph TR8

** MGB V8 requires Offy Intake/ Low Rider Air Cleaner Assembly for bonnet clearance with OEM Bonnet or can use Edelbrock with MG C Bonnet.

If your vehicle is not listed above, please email for suitability.

Kit Includes

New Edelbrock 500 AVS2 cfm Man Choke Carb (Genuine)**
See Footnote.
Edelbrock Carb to Manifold Gasket
Carb Centre stud for air cleaner
Instruction booklet
Edelbrock Dual Plane Inlet Manifold (Genuine)
Alloy Double Outlet Thermostat Housing
14 x 3 " Chrome Edelbrock Air Cleaner Assembly
Composite Inlet Manifold Gasket
Pair of Rubber Inlet end seals
Set of Carb to Manifold Studs
Edelbrock Brass 90deg fuel banjo (for air cleaner clearance)
82 deg thermostat
Carb Vacuum plug set
Rubber Rocker Cover Gaskets
Spare Jets fr 3.5 litre engines
Universal Throttle Calbe Kit
Universal Choke Cable Kit

Suggested additional parts.

Low rider 2" element
Low Rider Air Cleaner Assembly
Edelbrock Carb Calibration Kit
Rear Intake Manifold to Heater Valve Fitting

** Footnote.

Although the 500 AVS 2 has been fitted to several 3.5 engines, we find the stock non 500cfm Carb is easier to tune whether using gasoline/petrol/LPG. If you prefer the stock 500cfm carb for your application please enquire.

NOTE: If installing this kit on a vehicle previously equipped with efi fuel injection, a suitable fuel pump or drop down regulator will be required to reduce the fuel pressure to the required 5.5 psi. If unsure please ask.

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