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P38 Range Rover & Discovery 2 High Torque Camshaft to suit 4.0/4.6 GEMS/MEMS Engines

Camshaft suitable for the 4.0/4.6 litre engines and derivatives using the serpentine timing cover assembly with GEMS or MEMS Engine Management

High Torque Camshaft suitable for 4WD vehicles. Approx 20-22 BHP increase in power and similar increase in torque with these cams.

Made from chilled cast iron so more durable than the OEM Land Rover Camshaft.

Since torque is improved in the low and midrange rpm bands, small benifits in economy are also common.

Increased torque = increased economy and that no bad thing with these vehicles !

Can be used with standard OE lifters however, for better performance consider Rhoads Bleed Down Anti-Pump lifters.

Customer Comment.

Pete from Yorkshire says.....
(cam fitted to Range Rover P38a 4.6 V8)

" The cam is working really well. Performance is improved, the engine is really smooth and mid range torque is better. To cap it all, I am
getting more miles to the gallon! I am well impressed"

Steve from Darlington Says:

"Much improved over standard and helps with towing my caravan" ( 2001 P38 4.0 Motronic)

Nils from Denmark

"Helps low torque offroad trialing in my p38 4.8 engine" .

Jurgen from Germany.

"New Cam you suggested works really good and I seem to be using less fuel"

Jorge from South Africa says.

Cam installed as per OEM item and gives an additional boost @ 2000 rpm - ( p38 4.6 2000 MY)

Charles from Barbados says;

My Range Rover P38 is easier to drive and fuel economy seems to be better -

Pierre from France

Perfect and big improvement from my standard worn camshaft. Thanks again for the excellent service.

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